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I’m Lauren Cohen

We support leaders and teams in discovering their highest vision, leveraging their strengths to create opportunity, and connecting with a deeper sense of alignment, authenticity and purpose. 

Did you know?

 We spend over one-third of our lives at work

A job isn’t just something we do. 

As integrated beings, aligning our work with our personal values and vision is crucial to living authentically as individuals and leaders.  Likewise, organizational culture must encourage bringing our fullest selves to work for us to create, innovate and perform optimally. 

Individuals & Teams


partner with us to:

  • discover purpose
  • identify values
  • redefine success
  • realign actions with vision
  • deepen engagement
  • improve working relationships
  • integrate work/life
  • enhance ability to lead & inspire
  • create an optimized work culture
  • achieve peak performance

The Result :

more fulfilled and productive individuals and organizations.


Individual Coaching

Expand purpose, engagement and productivity by getting clear on who you are, what you are about, and how to take ownership over your work and life. 

Leadership COACHING

Enhance ability to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in others by raising self-awareness, improving interpersonal communication and amplifying strengths. 

Team Culture Development

Expand potential by cultivating a more engaged, inclusive and productive team culture.


Knowledge is power.  Explore the gap between where you are and where you want to be through individual and team-oriented results-based assessments.


Raising awareness is the first step to igniting change in your organization.  I’m honored to energize and inspire groups through workshops and speaking. 

What Clients are Saying...


“The saying ‘You can only meet someone at the depth you have met yourself’ is what comes to my mind when I think of the IMPACT of Lauren’s coaching on my life. She has a depth and soulfulness about her that can hardly be described in words. Her non-judgment, paired with her intense and sincere curiosity, resulted in her ability to help me shed multiple layers of my narrative that were truly holding me back. I sincerely would not be where I am today but-for the work Lauren and I have done together and the amazing guidance she has provided me.”

Alex I

What Clients are Saying...


“Working with Lauren helped me break past “I’m not sure” into “get it done” mode in a number of major areas of my work.  She asked pointed questions that helped me open my mind to new perspectives, which caused me to deepen my self-awareness and understanding of how I was getting in my own way.  Ultimately, she supported me in aligning today’s action with my long-term professional goals.”   

-Lynn B.

What Clients are Saying...


“I highly recommend Lauren as a coach, whether an early career professional seeking support and possible change, or those advanced in their careers evaluating challenges and opportunities. Lauren’s approach honors and demonstrates an appreciation for the whole person.” 

-Marci E.

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