Team Coaching

High-performing organizations are purpose driven and have a team culture where people feel safe to bring their full selves to work, raise their hand to share ideas, and lead and inspire confidently and effectively. 

Organizations partner with me to expand their potential and performance by getting clear on their values, vision and purpose, enhancing systems and processes, and shifting behavior to cultivate a more engaged, inclusive and productive culture. 

I work with clients to understand the specific needs of their organization.  Then, we co-create a customized action plan, which may include individual coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, assessments and/or workshops.

As a result of partnering with me, your organization will:

  • Become clear on a unifying purpose
  • Develop a culture of trust
  • Strengthen innovation and performance
  • Effectively navigate challenges & opportunities


  • Engage healthy conflict
  • Increase engagement and satisfaction
  • Raise the collective consciousness of the group
  • Identify systemic and interpersonal opportunities for growth

The Team Coaching Process

Phase 1: Expanded Clarity

Here we get clear on the gap between your current organizational culture and the culture you desire.  You may not be able to articulate the answer right away, but you know your team is capable of more. We may choose to employ some individual and team assessment tools such as the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and/or a Team Culture Assessment.  We will review and analyze the results together and then explore how your team could feel and perform differently.  

Phase 2: Expanded Purpose

In this phase, we’ll explore what is possible for your team. Your team will become even clearer on its values, its vision and what needs to happen in order to align behaviors, systems, policies and procedures to achieve your desired outcome.  We’ll take a deep dive into the unique strengths of your team members and look at further amplifying what already is working to create enhanced results

Phase 3: Expanded Power

Together we will partner to design a powerful and customized team action plan to create your desired outcomes.  Team coaching may be paired with workshops and may be performed simultaneous with individual/leadership coaching for key team members.  Being able to assess return on investment is critical.  We’ll set measurable goals, plot out actionable steps and build in accountability.  At the end of the coaching engagement, we will reflect on and measure your growth.

Team Coaching Engagements 

are typically a minimum of six months to one year.  They are highly customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.

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